Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Young and Mature High Class Escort Ladies in Margao, South Goa | 26 Year Old Agency

Our agency has changed over the years and only for good. Aided by technology, including internet, mobile phones, apps like Whatsapp, we have become one of the world’s largest and greatest South Goa Escort Agency. Prior to all the invention of all these technologies, we used to rely on landline phones, Newspaper Ads, and the only source of advertisement used to be word of mouth.

Since 1991, we have recruited thousands of ladies at our agency, a few hundred settled abroad, a few hundred stopped working with us after having their babies, some said that they are not interested anymore in having fun, they are rather interested in following the path of Jesus, some felt they have grown too old and do not feel confident that they are good enough for the job anymore, some married some client and stopped doing other men and many due to other different reasons. The number of escort ladies at our Margao agency has only grown with time and so has the quality of the ladies. In the 1990s, there were ridiculously low in numbers high class women who wanted to work as escorts as compared to 2010s. The boom started in 2002, when a News Channel showed how the escort agencies operate, that channel told lots of lies about the agencies but it only did us good. We got calls from different stunning housewives who wanted to be recruited by us. We had to be careful, thinking that she might be a journalist, but fortunately, it never happened. God always helps good and civilized people. Very soon the escort industry became what it is today, not only in India, but worldwide the industry has seen a boom and it’s all down to the beautiful ladies that work for different escort agencies.