Saturday, 20 August 2016

Should we still title ourselves as Escort Agencies?

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When we started, we were known as escort agencies (an agency that provides escorts) but over the years, escorts industry has evolved into a much larger thing than connecting a man and a woman who are willing to spend some time together.

We know that in our own experience, we were connecting thousands of men and women each year and started to innovate because we quickly found out that just doing business the old way wasn't enough. We began trying new methods of advertising, doing interviews, telling the hotel managers bluntly about our business, and approaching female Marathi Movie Actors to join our agency (Of course, the hot ones), and so much more.

We slowly learnt about online marketing also so that we do not have to rely upon others to do it for us. We have learnt so much over the years that we think calling us an "Escort Agency" would be not fair.

Please call us and let us know what title do you think would fit us best.